Saturday, September 24, 2005

Go for it, Tyrone!

As a Protestant, I was never taught to play Gaelic football. Pity really, looks exciting. I see, with interest, that Trevor Ringland, an Ulster Unionist councillor, has urged the Protestant people of Ulster to forget their cultural differences and support their Gaelic team to the hilt at tomorrow's final in Croker, saying sport can "transcend sectarian barriers". He goes on, "Everyone should rally behind Tyrone and show solidarity with our fellow Ulstermen. The red hand of Ulster is Tyrone's symbol and should be a symbol of pride capable of uniting Ulster people of all traditions". Well said, Trevor.

Looks like the GAA has been Big too. Apparently it recently lifted its silly rule forbidding police officers from being members. I have to say I didn't know this one had been ditched. Although it's great news, I'm hacked off because I have, half-written and lurking in my "drafts" folder, a mighty tome of a post dealing with that very matter and subjecting the GAA to a stiff virtual "e-pummelling" because of it. Have to can that one now. Ah, what the heck. Well done, GAA.

And well done, Tyrone, on putting Ulster in the final again. Do your best and make us all proud.


At 10:47 p.m., Blogger Gerry O'Sullivan said...

Hi John

The rule forbidding members of the security forces in Northen Ireland was abolished a number of years ago - 2001, if I remember correctly.

The news this weekend was that the GAA team from PSNI Training College has been admitted into the Sigerson Cup competition, which is a tournament open to third-level colleges.

Anyways, I was glad to see Tyrone prevail today. Those Kerry hoors have won it too often - 33 times in all - and the last time they won, it was against my native county :-(


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