Friday, December 02, 2005

Meat for the goose (2)

Guess what? It's OK to let IRA terrorists off the hook for murdering policemen, but it's just plain wrong not to pursue members of the security forces who killed active terrorists. According to Gerry Adams, that is.
Adams has been down in Dublin's fair city bending Bertie Ahern's ear.
To be honest, you'd be forgiven for getting a bit sick of all the recent Sinn Féin moaning - by a party that's now clearly able to influence the actions of the UK government and has had a fair few 'wins' of late, scalps to show the fundamentalist powerbase. It would demonstrate a lot more statesmanship and decency if Sinn Féin would take what they've gained over recent months and just enjoy it quietly, but Mr Adams' appetite for complete humiliation of the government he so despises seems to be boundless.
If and when a united Ireland comes about, I believe northern Nationalists will look to non-socialist, wealth-creating political ideologies and be less enamoured with single-issue extremist parties once their ideal is achieved. Should that come about, this continued hardline stance by Mr Adams may come back to haunt him.


At 4:55 p.m., Anonymous levee said...

Funny, John, I was talking to someone else about this the other day.

When I was at University, I studied a piece of writing that suggested the revolutionaries rarely last long in power, because they are suited to being in opposition. I think this was in reference to revolutionaries in France.

Unfortunately, I've sought long and hard to find the reference, but haven't been able to track it down again.

But you're 100% on track. In fact, my one argument for a United Ireland would be to force Sinn Fein into a real political system where they had to perform like a real political party in order to survive. Same with the mightly DUP.

In fact, could we join a United Ireland for a few years until Gerry & Co humiliate themselves and then rejoin the UK when we've been 'cleansed' of these parties?


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