Thursday, May 18, 2006

25 years is a long time

Apparently Paul and Heather McCartney are set to divorce. There will be a lot of people lining up to take pot-shots at Heather, branding her a gold-digger. Amazingly the couple didn't sign a pre-nup, so under English law the lady's entitled to half Paul's fortune. Paul, however, was the first to defend her from jibes about greed. How right he is about that will be seen over the next year. Personally, I predict a major legal battle, but maybe that's because I've become a bit cynical in that department.

We all were a bit stunned when the wedding was announced. Paul and Linda has the one indestructible showbiz marriage around, and when she died we were all shocked. Paul couldn't face life alone, I think, and so he embarked on another marriage too soon (IMHO). His second wife is 25 years younger than him, and will all the good will in the world that's too much. It's a whole generation.

Anyway, I hope (perhaps aginst hope) that they get back together again. Certainly, if they don't, the only ones to win will be the lawyers.


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