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What's the problem ...

... with the statement by the "DUP 12"?

A few hours after Ian Paisley told the Assembly he would share power if Sinn Féin gave their sustained support to policing and justice authorities in Northern Ireland - before they were rudely interrupted - the 12 DUP MLAs issued a press release saying "Nothing that we have said or done today can be taken by the Government as an indication that they can imply Shadow, Designate or any other status to anyone in relation to the Office of First and Deputy First Minister"

Well obviously. Either you have an Assembly, and executive officers, or you don't. There's no designate or shadow status either permitted or required under current legislation and, if there were, it'd be pointless. The statement was made to pre-empt the UK Government talking up Paisley's statement, giving it a kind of Blur-ite spin the Doc never intended. But the Government spin never came (probably due to brainpower being taken up by the Michael Stone débacle), thus making the DUP statement look strange and out of context.

Sinn Féin supporters were quick to suggest a split in the party ranks, but that's just old-style divide-and-rule tactics. Broken-record stuff.

Paisley is ready and waiting for Sinn Féin to join him in government once they've given that support. I think that's fair enough - certainly no more than any other country would require. And if Sinn Féin wants to change policing strategy, tactics or the colour of their uniforms, let them take their rightful places on the Policing Boards and apply their democratic influence within that framework.

To Republicans I say: the DUP is shifting ground and they'll move more quickly without the mudslinging.


At 9:54 p.m., Anonymous parsnips said...

BU according to Sluggers:

The six dup councillors in Antrim have come out in the local press in opposition to the direction taken by the party leader.
“The party leadership caved into pressure from Ahern and Hain and the councillors in Antrim believe that Jim Allister was right to go on the record to criticise him for doing that.”
Obviously by using the term ‘him’ in relation to the leadership they can only be refering to Paisley.
Blame for the current situation has been put on “latecomers to the party”. Wonder who that could be?
The meetings now being held would appear to be taking on the form of preparing for a leadership challenge. The party leader has to approve nominations for the election and the Dodds/Allister/McCrea faction believe that by taking the leadership they can select their own candidates.
It is believed a certain Cllr from Antrim has been guarenteed a place on the ticket in Sth Antrim for attacking Paisley.

Posted by the other one on Nov 28, 2006 @ 08:59 PM

At 8:21 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

the problem is unrepentant muderers in government.

At 8:55 p.m., Anonymous Tony said...

Anonymous, although good working class people have been encouraged by the likes of Paisley and other fundamentalist Prod leaders to commit murder. No-one has actually pictured these butchers with the blood of the victims on their hands.

Maybe you know something we don't:¬}

At 3:34 p.m., Blogger A S Teacher said...

Press Release


Crisis: Rev Ivan Foster has blasted his friend Ian Paisley

IAN Paisley's Free Presbyteri­an Church is on the verge of a split or total collapse, one of its leading ministers has warned.

Veteran preacher Rev Ivan Foster has given his sternest warning yet of the crisis facing the church if Dr Paisley, its modera­tor, leads the DUP into a coali­tion government with SINN FEIN / IRISH REPUBLICIAN ARMY.

Rev Foster, one of Dr Paisley's oldest friends, says he is praying "that God will spare His aged servant from bringing dishon­our on his head".

The Fermanagh minister warned back in November that most Free Presbyterians were "heartbroken" over the prospect of Dr Paisley sharing power in government with Martin McGuin­ness.

· Martin McGuinness." SINN FEIN / IRISH REPUBLICIAN ARMY COMMANDER as MINISTER in charge of EDUCATION responsible for the murder of over 2000 people / MANY BUTCHERED and Ian Paisley wants to SHARE POWER AND form a government with him and his party.

The Bible-- Ephesians--- warns against interaction with thieves, murderers, kidnappers, liars, perjurers, treason; and if any other thing is opposed to sound teaching. Sinn Fein /IRA are guilty of all these charges and in the same process are attempting to subvert the sovereignty of the British State from within --- in an attempt to form a United Ireland.

Last week on his Burning Bush website (ivanfos­ter.org), talked openly of fears of a "fracture" in the church in response to an email from a concerned Free Presbyte­rian in the USA.

Rev Foster said: "The fear of fracturing is felt very keenly here but, sadly, it will most cer­tainly happen if there is no at­tempt to stand against what is wrong. "It is a case of the patient will die if surgery is not performed and if surgery is performed it will cause the patient pain!"

He added the Free Presbyterian Church was given no notice that Dr Paisley, in his political role, was going to seek a power­ sharing coalition with SINN FEIN / IRA.

"There are ministers who have chosen to say nothing in order to avoid the possibility of division. But silence in the face of what is obviously wrong can­not be justified," he said.

"For some 40 years Dr Paisley campaigned against that which he is now espousing."

Rev Foster asked people to pray for the church's survival. "Let all who love the Saviour pray for it’s (the FPC) continu­ance and for its deliverance from this entanglement which threatens the very purpose for which it was raised up."

Source; Sunday World 22, January 2007
Hot Press


Gary Blair also said, Martin McGuinness would not be acceptable to unionists as deputy first min­ister as he would "sneer" over Protestant graves.

Blair is the DUP's press officer in Ballymoney, a hard-line loyalist town in the North Antrim con­stituency of party leader Rev. Ian Paisley.

The 38-year-old is among a growing number of DUP supporters who are opposed to the party sitting in government with Sinn Fein.

Writing in last week's Ballymoney Times newspa­per, Mr Blair said it was his impression that the party would not enter govern­ment with Sinn Fein unless republicans embraced the PSNI by March.

"On the other hand, if Sinn Fein/IRA does accept the constitutional forces of law and order, (mere words) the DUP will enter government with Sinn Fein/ IRISH REPUBLICIAN ARMY and Mar­tin McGuinness, already nominated for the post o£ Deputy First Minister, will take his post.
Martin McGuinness ... SINN FEIN / IRISH REPUBLICIAN ARMY COMMANDER as MINISTER in charge of EDUCATION … responsible for the murder of over 2000 people … MANY BUTCHERED and Ian Paisley wants to SHARE POWER and form a government with him and his party.

THE DEMOCRATIC UNIONIST PARTY’S PRESS OFFICER says that "I cannot think of any right-thinking Unionist in Ulster who will find McGuinness an accept­able government minister to rule Northern Ireland."

Mr Blair then said, Ian Paisley / DUP had "placed much store" on the policing issue and seem convinced that it was in a "win/win scenario".

He described SINN FEIN / IRISH REPUBLICIAN ARMY / republi­canism as a "crafty chameleon … (changeable or inconstant) with astound­ing pragmatism".

"When the Young Ireland movement realised that violence would not achieve their aim, the Fenians dropped military activity and embraced politics.

"In the early 20 century, the new face of Republi­canism, the Irish Volun­teers, reverted to military activity in pursuit of Irish Unity only to settle politi­cally when the Treaty was signed.

"Even the dissidents of that time led by De Valera and eventually abandoned violence a few years after the Treaty was signed.

Throughout the twentieth century, Republicanism moved sporadically from violence to politics, switch­ing tactics as they saw fit."


He said the current SINN FEIN / IRISH REPUBLICIAN ARMY leadership had adopted Michael Collins' "stepping stone" theory in that it switched policies whenever it suited them.

"Abstention in Ulster and the Free State has gone and the Chucky-­Armanis have accepted British hospitality at West­minster," writes Blair.

"They will therefore have no real difficulty in signing up to policing … (just words- no change in ideology) … with the tried and tested theory that the end justifies the means.

"When they do, the way is open to McGuinness to occupy the seat of power in the Assembly and we will be his minions.

"The St Andrews Agree­ment is an affront to decency. It accepts the D'Hondt system of government and mandatory coali­tion, a false `democracy' that the DUP vowed never to accept in the manifestos I delivered to the people of north Antrim in previous elections.

· The DUP, in its 2005 man­ifesto, declared that such an ar­rangement was `out of the ques­tion, but now accepts that the price of having a First Minister and places in the Executive is the embracing of Sinn Fein as min­isterial colleagues.

"In accepting the St Andrews doc­ument in principle, the DUP leader­ship is not only breaking its manifesto pledge, but is betraying the trust of all those unionists who voted for it as an Anti-Agreement Party," he said.

"The Irish Language Act is a baby of the St Andrews Agreement and the Act will give the Irish language equal standing with English in our nation.

"It will lead to bilingual signage, English/Irish government notepaper etc, etc. As an Ulster Scot, I resent this imposi­tion of an alien language on my community and my country.

"The Ulster Scots lan­guage which, unlike Irish, is used by thousands of Ulster people every day is barely even acknowl­edged yet the electorate is being asked to say nothing but wait and see.

· "I have no choice but to condemn the St Andrews Agreement for the scrap of paper that it is.

· "I would not even try to endorse it or sell it to the people. I trust that, for the sake of the nation, the electorate will study the document closely to see what it says and, more importantly, what it does­n't say.

"If we have reservations about it and you do not want to see Martin McGuinness smirking over the graves of the dead in his office of Deputy First Minister, then it is our duty to with­draw our support from the architects of St Andrews in the proposed election."

Original Source, John. Cassidy Sunday World Newspaper


Thursday, January 11, 2007 -- By Sam McBride Belfast Telegraph

A senior Free Presbyterian minister has said he never expected to denounce Ian Paisley from his pulpit, but has done just that.

In a forthright sermon made last Sunday and placed on his website, the Rev Ivan Foster Free Presbyterian Church launched another attack on the Free Presbyterian leader's stance on the St Andrews Agreement.

Mr Foster, who in November said the denomination, was "heartbroken" at the prospect of Mr Paisley in government with A COMMANDER in THE IRISH REPUBLICIAN ARMY AND DEPUTY FIRST MINISTER THE RIGHT HONOURABLE Martin McGuinness."

Rev Foster, said he was praying that God would intervene and stop power-sharing between the Democratic Unionist Party and Sinn Fein /Irish Republican Army

"There is in principle being pursued, by the leadership of the DUP, a coalition with the murderers of Sinn Fein /Irish Republican Army” he said in the 70-minute sermon.

· "We pray for Ian Paisley, I never thought I would see the day that I would stand in this pulpit and say I think him wrong entirely and say I could never support what he is doing, but that day has come."

During the sermon, Mr Foster admitted it was unusual for a minister to be openly critical of his own church, but said if Mr Paisley goes into government with Sinn Fein /Irish Republican Army it would do "great, great harm" to his name and that of the church.

The minister, a close friend of Mr Paisley for many years, said he was “grieved in the extreme" to make the public comments, but believed it was his duty.

· "If we don't do something about what I believe is our leaving of Christ, there will be NO Free Presbyterian Church in the not too distant future," he added.

He also attacked DUP councillors who voted for councils to facilitate civil partnerships.

In November, Mr Foster told the BBC: "The thought of one so highly esteemed and loved as Ian Paisley in political coalition with Martin McGuinness "Sinn Fein / IRISH REPUBLICIAN ARMY ----- A COMMANDER in THE IRISH REPUBLICIAN ARMY AND DEPUTY FIRST MINISTER THE RIGHT HONOURABLE Martin McGuinness."

I would say is heartbreaking to most, if not every, Free Presbyterian".


2 Gerry Kelly SINN FEIN /IRISH REPUBLICIAN ARMY COMMANDER convicted bomber - Minister in charge of Policing and Justice.

That the DUP would consider sharing power with SINN FEIN /IRISH REPUBLICIAN ARMY----- even if, they indicated that they would sign up to policing is even more ludicrous ----- in that the DUP would accept the word of proven liars, thieves, murderers, kidnappers, and perjurers ---- that they would now be good boys and support the BRITISH STATE. ITS IS AN ABSOLUTE JOKE.

· GERRY Adams is ---as late as yesterday using the language of “IN TRANSITION” What does Paisley think Adams is referring too?.

The very idea is preposterous and an anathema to the GOD of ISRAEL ----- and to think that Ian Paisley stood up in the Northern Ireland Assembly and ask God’s blessing on such a union, to form a Government.

Andrew. S Watcher


Reality Publisher igreen5121@btinternet.com


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