Friday, May 04, 2007

A BIT of a miracle?

Éire President, Mary McAleese, has described the Ulster power-sharing deal as containing a "hint of the miraculous". Er, just a little! In an age where the influence of post-Christian individualism is exerting itself even in Éire (although thankfully less so than in the UK), I'm just glad the President has the guts to say it at all. Well done.

Thirty years ago Northern Ireland was being ripped apart every week by bombs, beatings and cold-blooded, calculated murders - often in front of children and spouses. Even 10 years ago Ulster was a hopeless basket case. Five years ago the Assembly fell apart amid a spy scandal and, though the political process was in motion, the acrimony and back-biting offered no hope of what we have today.

Today the Provisional IRA, the greatest perpetrators of terrorist death, have disarmed and turned (they say) permanently away from violence. Soon, I hope, it may cease to exist altogether by its own choice. The UVF, lawless murderers and extortionists, yesterday ceased to exist as a paramilitary force. Soon, I hope, they will destroy those weapons and disband. Sinn Féin and the DUP - politically poles apart - are about to lead us forward together into a future thousands, maybe millions, of us have been praying that God would give us. He has.

That's a Big miracle. Let's be really thankful to him and show it. Have a great weekend.


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