Saturday, October 03, 2009

Nothing matters, Mary, when you're free

The words of a touching Irish folk song come to mind this evening as the Republic of Ireland has voted, by a majority of 2:1, to cede sovereignty issues to people they can't elect.

Only 59% of the Irish electorate even bothered to turn out to the referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

Having, as oft portrayed, shaken off the 'English jackboot' with arms, at great cost not least to my people, they've now embraced the German jackboot with arms wider than Dublin Bay.

In many years' time, when I'm dead and gone and this blog has been wiped from disks that don't yet exist, history books will have exposed the true extent of the treachery of Ireland's political élite in dressing up a referendum about the mechanics of power as a referendum on whether or not Ireland wants to be friends.

Truly to blame, however, are the people of Ireland who failed to peek under the pretty clothes, who simply swallowed the smokescreen and who, ultimately, put these dubious patriots in power in the first place.

Now the EU, and political manipulators everywhere, know beyond doubt: in a post-democratic world, surface can win over substance.

The mortal remains of many lovers of Irish freedom - of all backgrounds - will be spinning tonight.