Thursday, August 25, 2005

Show yer teeth!

This Loyalist violence is escalating out of control. A 13-month-old baby has been covered in paint. His mother had a petrol bomb hurled at her. There's been a petrol bomb attack on a home in Ballymoney and Stena has banned Rangers supporters from the Stranraer ferry for intimidating passengers with song about killing Catholics. Good Lord.

Louts who behave like animals do not understand the language politicians are using to condemn their acts. Just look at what Ian Paisley Jr said today:

"It looks like a very nasty and vicious attack which must be condemned and which just strikes fear and intimidation into a local rural community. I think the police should look into the aspect of whether or not this is a case of mistaken identity, unfortunately - that would make it even more pathetic. But that aside, nothing justifies attacks of this nature."

Oh, well that's told them then.

Not! The roundest condemnations are short, to the point and unmistakeable. Do the Big Thing, unionist politicians, especially the DUP and PUP leaders: Tell them, "Stop it. Now! Every one of you."


At 9:31 a.m., Anonymous levee said...

John: I have a curious feeling of impotence at this time. How can we influence these people?

Looking at IPJ's statement/condemnation, I'm inclined to say that he either doesn't give a toss or doesn't want to step up and do the right thing in case he suddenly becomes the target!

By the way, I was disgusted yesterday when Mrs Levee told me about the attack on that mother and her children. These are evil, reckless people.

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