Monday, September 26, 2005

Be Big, Ian

Today's DUP press conference following IRA disarmament was achingly predictable, with Ian Paisley swooping like a buzzard on General John de Chastelain's twice-proffered admission that, in contending that all the IRA's weapons had gone, he was in fact relying on the IRA's own assurance to that effect. (I covered de Chastelain's unpolished media performance in my last post, below).
Be careful, Ian. Even to the most cynical observer, Gerry Adams was very credible today when he said there was no Plan 'B', that disarmament wasn't a stunt. Indeed, that has to be the case because - as I said before - if the IRA ever did fire one more shot, all their credibility shoots out the window with it.
So you have Republicans just where you want them - disarmed, undangerous and ready for democracy. And - ironically but brilliantly so - that's exactly where the broad Republican movement wants to be. You have that much in common. Don't kick them when they've moved into peaceful territory like this and stuck their necks out.
They're committed. Are you?
Do the Big Thing, Ian: Show forgiveness and a willingness to include Sinn Féin in government. Today. 


At 10:17 p.m., Blogger Paul said...

"So you have Republicans just where you want them - disarmed, undangerous and ready for democracy"

Not sure about that John. They(apparently) have given up their guns. Have they also given up the criminality and gangsterism, the bank robberies, the smuggling etc etc- bit too early to tell? Getting the IRA and the more backswood element of the Republican movement to accept the principles of democracy may prove to be a harder job ultimately than getting rid of the guns.

Having said all that and despite what Big Ian said, it is a big step forward and maybe in years to come we'll see it as being worth all the hyperbole that was flying about today.

At 12:59 a.m., Blogger Chris Gaskin said...

"the smuggling"

I will just take this for example

Do people honestly expect smuggling to stop?

I know in my part of the country it's as prevelant as corner shops. There will always be smuggling while the border remains.

That does not mean it has anything to do with Republicans.

At 12:21 p.m., Blogger Paul said...

Smuggling by its nature, is a bit difficult to tie down to one group or another. I'd reckon there are Republicans involved in it, it's only a hunch I've got ;)

But as I said, good to see the guns going and hopefully the Loyalists will follow. Next step is the organised criminality, which obviously isn't the preserve of one side. It needs to stop before we can even think about building the basis of a peaceful and democratic country. I'm sure you'd agree on that.


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