Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Sense at last

Well whoopidoo. Peter Hain and Tony Blur have finally got the message that their proposed de-facto amnesty for terrorist crimes committed pre-1998 is immoral and wrong, and they've abandoned the plans. Maybe now we can get back to having a national government which fully endorses punishment of all crimes that contravene national legislation, whether north or south of the Irish border.

Of course, this is not just bad news for IRA and UVF terrorists still scared to come home and face the music, it also means that members of NI and British security forces who used their positions to commit terrorist crimes will also have to face similar music. And so they should.

Today's a good day for democracy, and it's a good day for law and order.


At 11:09 p.m., Anonymous Aileen said...

Unfortunatley the only message they got was that SF didn't want it.

It's still a great day and I totally agree with your post. I will mever accept a moral equivalance between the Army/RUC and IRA/UVF/UFF as organisations and their legitimacy. However if any members of the Army or RUC have bee guilty of serious breaches of the law then they should be accountable to it!


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