Monday, September 04, 2006

Baby millionaires

For some time it's been clear to everyone except amoebae that the Belfast Telegraph, that erstwhile fine evening daily newspaper, has been going down the tabloid route to destruction (I confidently predict its demise around the year 2012, tell me if I'm wrong).
A major milestone in its pathetic little journey can be viewed here - a report on a 'survey' on the lifestyles and preferences of "baby millionaires", i.e. people aged 17 to 35 who, presumably, have a net worth measured in 7 digits (assuming the Tele staff can still count that high).
Amazing but apparently true: 35 baby millionaires live in 'Saffwest' London (no surprise there) and 33 in Belfast (pardon?).
Now as Ireland's second-largest city, the fact that 33 of Belfast's population are under 35's worth more than a million pounds is nothing more than a fairly predictable function of demographic percentages. You know the stuff. Look at the national average and apply it to Belfast's 276,459 population. Except that the Tele tries to make us believe these guys are flocking into Belfast - a veritable tidal inflow of Bavaria Garages customers, magnetised by the champagne lifestyle on offer between the West Link and the Albert Bridge.
Tell me, where are these people? I rarely venture into Belfast, so if you live there, go to a likely spot - say the Sydenham Bypass at 7:30 Monday morning - and tell us how many likely candidates you see.


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