Thursday, January 18, 2007

Oh brother!

All the media furore about racism on Big Brother make me retch, mainly because so much reporting of it includes quotes which actually aren't racist at all. Although there do seem to have been one or two remarks betraying a certain prejudice against non-Anglo-Saxons, a lot of the furore is over people being generally horrid to the poor girl. That said, calling someone a liar is not racist. Let's not get to the point where, à la Israel, you can't criticise non-European people without being branded a xenophobe.
Let me be up front: I've never watched Big Brother and I never want to. It's a stupid format designed to whip up publicity for its producers by exploiting and demeaning participants who, frankly, should have better things to do with their time (my view, and I'm entitled to it).


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