Friday, March 16, 2007

Is God a DUP member?

There's a great letter in yesterday's edition of the world's greatest newspaper, Enniskillen's very own The Impartial Reporter, offering some sanity and perspective. Unfortunately the writer is anonymous. As it's in the public domain I include it in full here ...

"Dear Sir, I noticed DUP Assembly woman Iris Robinson was quick to thank God for the election results.

It is, of course, very laudable for Christians to thank God for any blessing they receive. But on this occasion, Iris certainly started me thinking about the role the Almighty plays in politics in Northern Ireland. The implication that God is so closely aligned to the DUP made me wonder about a lot of things.

I wonder, for example, how all the other Christians feel who voted for the other parties. I even wondered why God didn't go the whole way and smash Sinn Féin. Or did He deliver a massive vote to Sinn Féin and deliver their enemies, too?

I even wondered about all those evangelical Christians who couldn't bring themselves to vote for the DUP because they didn't see it as God's will that Ian Paisley will share power with Martin McGuinness.

As a matter of fact, I then got to wondering about much more; if God is prepared to intervene in a secular matter such as a Northern Ireland election, why doesn't He intervene in so many other things.

There are millions of people starving across the world; why would God allow that to happen while He ensures that Peter, Iris and 106 other MLAs get a nice little salary on top of what they already have.

God does, indeed, work in mysterious ways.

I thank God every day for the blessings He gives me and my family. I try to thank Him by living out a Christian life, thinking of others when I can. To my shame, I don't always succeed.

But I think when my life on this earth is over, I will be asked if I repented of my sins, if I followed Christ, if I fed the hungry, visited the prisoners, loved my neighbour as myself.

I don't think I'll be asked how many first preference votes I got


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Thanks for the reprint, I love it!


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