Sunday, May 13, 2007

Brown-nosing MSM

The mainstream media has been running story after story on Gordon Brown over the last couple of days, quite obviously a managed campaign to get Joe and Josephine Soap foursquare behind this unelected dullard.

Tony Blair's grip on the Labour party has been legendary, but how democratic is it for the elected prime minister to abdicate (!) and hand over to someone of his choosing? Not a lot. If Gordon Brown becomes prime minister by default it'll be because the UK electorate wasn't consulted and because, er, the Conservatives are so unelectable. God help us.

But what really annoys me is the sheer patronising manner in which the British public is being manipulated. Yesterday's big story was how great a family man Gordon is. Today - guess what? - Gordon really wants to build five eco-towns. Gimme a break.

Make no mistake: the Labour luvvies and the MSM are in serious cahoots, and the British public is being manipulated so heavily it would make Alistair Campbell blush.


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