Monday, November 12, 2007

We are the Red, White and Blue?

As expected, the UDA used yesterday - Remembrance Day - to say part of its organisation, the so-called Ulster Freedom Fighters (God help us), no longer exists. But the UDA remains intact. And its guns remain intact.

"We are the Red, White and Blue", said Jackie McDonald with an arrogance he should be ashamed of. They represent the UK as much as the IRA represents the Irish nation, i.e. in their minds only.

If the UDA is, as it has claimed, an armed vigilante force to protect Belfast's Protestant working classes against IRA attacks the police was powerless to stop - then its raison d'ĂȘtre has certainly now vanished.

It's ironic that the Irish Republicans among us now seem to respect the law of the land more than people who claim to represent the politcal status quo, but in truth of course the UDA represents nothing but its own suppressive regime of intimidation and drug-dealing in Protestant ghettoes of Belfast and South-East Antrim.

It's time people there stood up to them and told them in no uncertain terms: disarm and disband.


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