Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I see Johnny 'Mad Dog' Adair, the ruthless UDA gangmaster who fled from Belfast to live in Bolton last year, has admitted committing a common assault on his wife Gina whilst walking on a common near his home last night.

Thankfully I live very far away from this common assaulter, but strangely enough I was sitting at my PC yesterday morning when the silence was pierced by the unmistakeable sound of a woman being beaten up by her partner. I had never heard that sound before. She was weeping, begging, howling and squealing - all at once - as the bangs thumped. It was the most distressing thing I've ever heard. Some neighbours called the police who took control.

Violence, apparently, is committed most by people who are desperate, who have run out of words and can't argue their cases in any way other than to vent their spleen by rupturing the spleen of the person they're at odds with. They're so caught up in their own feelings to see that it solves nothing, it just creates other problems. Not that that matters, because the 'men' who do it aren't bothered about logic. They just want to beat the shit out of their partners - who stay with them because they get convinced it's really their fault. God forgive them.

I hope Gina Adair has the presence of mind to walk out. Which won't be easy - she has cancer.


At 10:14 p.m., Anonymous levee said...

Adair's a real class act. I just saw the report on the BBC.

Of course, he's using violence for the same reasons as he did over here - to intimidate and control.

I didn't know his wife had cancer. Impossible to think the man could be lowered even further in my esteem, but there you go.

Unfortunately, I have little sympathy for Gina Adair. She has lived a life graced with the trimmings of paramilitary violence and given her children that saw her eldest son follow in his father's footsteps. There's possibly a Karmic lesson to be learned there.

At 10:26 a.m., Blogger Kenny Donaldson said...


Cheers for the info you gave on the YU Blog.


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