Tuesday, January 24, 2006

No Plan 'B'

Ian Paisley is in London today trying to persuade Tony Blur of the merits of the DUP's 16-page mysterious unpublished document entitled, we understand, "Facing Reality". We're told it contains proposals on a way forward without power-sharing.
Why is our time being wasted like this? Lord knows, over the last 40 years we've tried all the conceivable models of government (except a united Ireland), and they've all failed to deliver because of one thing only: it was always 'them and us' . Whether Unionist rule, direct rule by the English, whether Vanguard, Sunningdale, Weston Park, Leeds Castle, Belfast Castle, Scrabo Tower, Devenish or Dunluce (my head hurts), none of it has been government by the people for the people.
Listen up, Ian, Tony and anyone else who thinks they have a say: the answer is easy. It's so simple you don't need a room full of think tanks, PhDs, MBAs, PR men or lifestyle gurus. Let Ulster be governed by Ulster people. Locally. In Belfast. Full devolution. No ifs and buts. The full monty. We're grown-ups. We can handle it.
So what if Ian Paisley is First Minister? So what if an ex-terrorist or two take up ministerial posts. That's democracy, and given a free press it'll all shake down well into a stable system of autonomous government. Let us unite around what we have in common - an Ulster heritage proud and free. Most of all free from unwanted interference.


At 7:01 p.m., Anonymous maca said...

"So what if Ian Paisley is First Minister?"

Saddam is out of work at the moment, he might be a better choice :)


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