Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Higgy wiggy, let's get Biggy

I see Alex Higgins has finally crossed the fine line into complete insanity - or has he?
Fashioned into a politico image called Higgy Stardust (can you believe it?), he's now fronting up the Make Politicians History campaign which actually focuses on something pretty important, namely that one third of Belfast's voters, well, don't.
Apparently, 84,684 of Belfast's 220,000 potential voters have been abstaining, the naughty tikes, and Alex - sorry 'Higgy' - is, like, going to really change that in a sort-of crucial sort of way.
I've been saying for a long while that Ulster's politicans do not represent the real people of the 6 Counties. Real people want social action, with politicians encountering each other, not fighting three-hundred year old battles.
Note to politicians: Even if you do succeed in making the other side admit they're bleating apologies for human beings, do you really want to be top dog in a society where half of it is beaten and bleeding?
Rant over. Over to you, Higgy - right on cue.


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