Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Mummy's boy

Ian Paisley's really making a fool of Unionism. Peter Hain and Dermot Ahern are trying to get all of Ulster's elected political parties round the table for informal talks on devolved government and - guess what? - the DUP is refusing to be in the same room as Sinn Féin, insisting instead that the talks go ahead with Sinn Féin and then be repeated with the DUP after SF step outside the room. What kind of powder do these guys sniff? And who do they think they are to delay constructive discussions with their peers?
In truth, the DUP see themselves as peerless - the only true remaining exponents of a breed of conservative British elitism that died out 20 years ago.
No kindergarten would put up with behaviour like this. Having grown fat on Mummy England's breast for 80 years, the DUP is the spoilt child of modern Europe, straining its neck to suckle the receding nipple while Mummy thinks it's time it started playing with all the big kids.
Time to be Big, Ian. Time to engage the real world.


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