Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Is Republicanism being blown apart?

The Belfast Telegraph, which is becoming more of a sensationalist tabloid with every day that passes, carries a 'revelation' story today alleging that MI5 and senior officers from the PSNI's Crime Operations Department were the source of intelligence information that "not all IRA weapons were decommissioned last September".
If it's true, the Republican leadership has lied and is unfit for government or any more political sops from Downing Street.
If it's false, the DUP heaps shame on itself every day it refuses to share power with Sinn Féin and - more worryingly - it means UK crown agencies are waging a concerted campaign to destroy Republicanism by political means through intrigue designed to stimulate in-fighting aimed at disintegration, as witness the deliberate and timely outing of Denis Donaldson and Seán Lavelle. The message to members of the Provisional movement is: you don't know who to trust, so don't trust anyone. The message of the MI5 'revelation' to the IRA rank and file is: senior members of PIRA have lied to you about weapons, forcing you to give up yours but keeping their own.
Are these time-honoured divide-and-rule tactics or justified acts by a sovereign state? For once, the answer doesn't depend on which foot you kick with, it depends on who's telling the truth: the IRA or MI5.
Republican commentators on the web and elsewhere in the media are playing down the threat, saying they're sticking together, but they're right to be frightened. Somehow they have to prove all their weapons are destroyed, but that's impossible. You'd think the intelligent strategists behind 'P. O'Neill' would have ensured inventory lists were published and agreed with the UK and Irish governments before decommissioning began. Inventory listings would have provided even more proof than photos. A real missed opportunity. It's not as if they can go back and do it again, is it?
If the peace process is to keep moving, the governments are either going to have to come clean about where these hidden weapons are, or drop the witch-hunt against the Provisional movement. Big move required, but it's a pickle they've got themselves into.


At 8:09 a.m., Anonymous levee said...

BU: I heard a caller on David Dunseith(?)'s show a while back say he was fed up with the whole shebang and that he'd gladly accept direct rule permanently rather than waste any more time with our media-hungry politicians and their circle game.

With each passing scandal, I'm more inclined to agree. The peace process is a complete waste of time. It's providing jobs for people in the business of dividing our community.

And with regard to the IRA providing inventory, what are the chances? There would be a leak to the media, and there across all our local papers "Look at this deadly arsenal the IRA intended to use to massacre Ulster Protestants". And it would be true, but it would also be devastating to Unionist trust in Republicans. It would also conveniently ignore the Loyalist arsenals stockpiled to maim Irish Nationalists.

An inventory, while useful, would be used in the wrong way by parties such as the DUP to strike fear into their electorate. You can't trust them any more than you can trust Sinn Fein.

At 8:09 a.m., Anonymous levee said...

Good post, BTW!


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