Thursday, September 14, 2006

Evidence please, Ian

The current 'headlines' just go to show that nothing, but nothing, is happening on the political scene here. I mean, just look at what the DUP is dreaming up just to keep the headline writers from atrophying ...
Apparently young Ian Paisley reckons the sectarian slogans daubed on Harryville's Catholic church in Unionist Ballymena were put on by Republicans looking to stir the pot. Doing ill to their own kind, as it were. It's an interesting theory, and I've no doubt some people wouldn't be above it, but you can't make allegations of this nature without tabling some pretty convincing evidence, otherwise it looks like you're just diverting attention from the real issue which is: time for the DUP to share power on a democratic basis.
Now stop throwing googles, Ian, and address the real issue. Start by talking to your rank and file.


At 10:57 p.m., Blogger The Phantom said...

In fairness to little Ian, these things have happened. There have been a couple of analogous incidents here in the States, where black students wrote "KKK" on --their own-- college dorm rooms to expose so called racism etc.

But unless the man has something to back this up, he has missed a good opportunity to keep his trap shut.

At 6:11 p.m., Anonymous Reg said...

I doubt it, Phantom. The man is a deranged bigot.

Maybe he also believes that the Quinn children burnt themselves to death...and 9/11 was a CIA conspiracy...and and...the EU is a secret society governed by the literati/lizard-people.

Even his father wouldn't come out with crap like that.


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