Thursday, May 17, 2007

Watch him

Gordon Brown, I wouldn't trust him an inch. He says he's "truly humbled" by the level of apparent support amongst Labour MPs at Westminster.
I've known a lot of Ameicans down the years and have never failed to be underwhelmed when hearing how "truly" this and "truly" that they are. No offence, that's just the way they speak (ah reckon).
But when a politician says he or she is "humbled" by something, well it's just un-politician-like to be humbled. Vanity's part of the make-up of an ambitious politician, and they don't come more ambitious than Gordon Brown, the man who's going to become Prime Minister by the back door.
Call me a cynic (time will tell), but I'm reminded of the Dickens character Uriah Heap who was "ever so 'umble". Not.


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