Saturday, November 05, 2005

A Trinity of Two

No, I haven't become a heretic - this is the title of a new play by Ulick O'Connor playing at Liberty Hall, Dublin. It's about Oscar Wilde and his prosecutor Edward Carson, the latter also a famous father of Unionism. Read a write-up here.
The write-up's interesting as it claims Carson's unionism was actually closer to Nationalism than Loyalism in as much as he (allegedly) hoped it would work out as a sort of "Commonwealth Ireland" Carson, interestingly, was born and reared in Dublin.
Interesting to think that the "Ulster question" would be solved if the UK agreed to become part of a Greater √Čire. (I think I am becoming a heretic).
I've never had Edward Carson down as an Irish patriot, but there you go. I suppose we should be careful not to let our opinions of present Unionist leaders colour our view of what their predecessors were like.
Maybe United Irelander will go along to Liberty Hall and give us a decent write-up on the play?


At 3:16 p.m., Blogger United Irelander said...

I've read differing accounts of Carson. I think he's quite a complex figure to figure out. Some say he never really wanted partition and that he was bluffing over the issue for a long time.

Regarding the play, I actually know someone who works at SIPTU so I might ask around...

At 4:15 p.m., Blogger Milton john said...

check out this review:

At 7:57 p.m., Anonymous Southerner said...

I certainly don't consider him a patriot at all. I see him as a bigot.


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