Sunday, March 12, 2006

Mass gathering

I am delighted to see that Protestant church members, led by their respective ministers, attended mass today in St Colmcille's on the Upper Newtownards Road to show solidarity with their Catholic friends and neighbours after some misguided people had daubed the chapel with racist slogans and smeared shit on the pews.
Many 'experts' are surprised at the levels of racism now seen in Ireland, north and south, but why? Non-Northern Europeans are being brought to our shores for the first time in any real numbers in the form of Poles, Czechs and Baltic people (following EU enlargement) and Filipinos (due to the nursing crisis). And what are they coming into? Europe's only apartheid society, that's what. One where ethicity is at the heart of everything we do - and even determines who we're prepared to trust.
What school you attend, what party you vote for, the names you give your children - even the way you pronounce the word 'government' is all a function, not of your moral value systems, not of your social status, but of the ethnic heritage of your great great great great great grandparents. Think about it! It's so 19th century, of course, yet it's being perpetuated every day by children who didn't even see the last one.
Which is why it warms my heart when I see people moving deliberately outside their comfort zone to bring some to others who, in truth, aren't ethnically that different after all (some day I'll explain this). In the meantime, keep on being Big.


At 8:50 p.m., Anonymous Lorcan said...

Yes, it's great to see people showing solidarity and support to each other. Nice to see you pointing this article out.

One thing I feel is important to the "ethnic heritage" is that the school system should be changed to allow mixed schools.
As a Dublin catholic I went to a community school attented by all races and creeds, lots of whom became my friends. My kids also attend a school with all races and creeds, I wouldn't have it anyo other way. I would hope that more mixed schools in Northern Ireland would be opened, it would help bring people together and teach kids more understanding.

At 10:37 a.m., Anonymous beano said...

"even the way you pronounce the word 'government' "


At 2:59 p.m., Blogger B.U. said...

DUP: The guvernment
SF: The govverment.

At 7:57 p.m., Blogger CW said...

Hopefully, the beginnings of a multicultural society in NI which we are currently experiencing will eventually end the social and cultural segregation. Time will tell.


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