Thursday, March 16, 2006

Psychle paths

The only thing standing between me and a defibrillator is a good bike ride most days. And I love it. Mainly because, where I live, I can ride and ride and ride without having to dodge juggernauts and weave to avoid teenage mums who haven't passed their pushchair proficiency test.
(Reminds me of a good joke on the old TV ad for Fairy Liquid ... mummy with her hands in the sink while the little girl at her side says, "Mummy, why are your hands so soft". Mummy puts down the frying pan, stubs out her cigarette and says, "Because I'm only 12".)
Anyway, the reason for starting this post was to link you to this, which is a photo collection of the UK's stupidest cycle paths. Town planners can be such dippos. Enjoy.


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