Friday, September 15, 2006

Unfair reporting

Get a load of this. The BBC news website headlines DUP MLA Mark Robinson as having claimed annual expenses of £18,000. But ... the subtext says this was "surpassed only by Pat Doherty, a Sinn Fein member for West Tyrone who lives in Donegal".

Regulars here will know I'm not the DUP's greatest fan, but I have to ask the question: why didn't the headline feature Pat Doherty? I mean, if you were penning an article on the biggest artichoke in Cultra, would you make the main feature praising the girth of the runner-up in Helen's Bay? Of course not.

No, as much as it grates to say it, the DUP is being unfairly maligned here. Personally I couldn't care less which MLA wins the honours for eating the biggest collection of Beef Wellingtons or burning oilfields, but I think we want to see fair reporting.

And no, the article doesn't even tell us Pat Doherty's final score. So come on, Pat, be an honest chappie and tell us in the Comments section ...


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