Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Green Day

I'm an Ulster Protestant and I'm outraged that Belfast City Council is banning green shamrocks at next year's St Paddy's day extravaganza. Pathetic! Doesn't the Northern Ireland soccer team wear green? Isn't chlorophyll green?

Now waving the √Čire Tricolour, that's another matter because it will intimidate on the day. So ban it for the day. And ban the British Union Flag too for the same reason - for the day. But a green flag is another matter. A green flag unites.

Does waving a green flag with a shamrock or a harp on it mean I'm anything other than happy to be Irish? And can't Unionists and Orangemen join the rest of us in being proud Irishmen and women?
I was brought up always to wear either a shamrock or a green jumper on St Paddy's day, and 2006 will be no exception.

Pretty ironic to imagine that we'll have green parades in London but - hey - a self-imposed multi-coloured rainbow day in Ireland's second-largest city. Could only happen in Ireland. Banning green only serves to promote Irishness as the preserve of Republican extremism. But what I find most abhorrent about the ruling is that the Unionists who control the City Council seem to be denying their Irishness and claiming, incorrectly, to be English, Scottish or something else which they're not.

Beam me up, Paddy.


At 1:49 p.m., Anonymous levee said...

John: St Patrick's Day is another institution that has sadly become warped by the bigots among us.

The day has become so politicised now that I refuse to let my family participate in it, and grandparents are forewarned not to attempt painting the children's faces on the day.

At 7:09 p.m., Anonymous maca said...

Good post John.
Though, I have to be honest, I don't agree with the banning of the Tricolour, for obvious reasons; it's our national holiday (as well as being the patron saints day) and to have our national flag banned is an insult.

On the other hand if people want to celebrate a "saints day" then fine, national flags would be inappropriate.

At 8:04 p.m., Anonymous maca said...

p.s. although I say "it's our national holiday" I of course acknowledge that St.Pat is the Patron Saint of the island and belongs to your community as much as ours, it's just that we have decided to celebrate the day as a national holiday rather.

At 2:08 a.m., Anonymous beano said...

I'm going to ignore the tricolour thing other than to say I agree with banning national flags from the public celebrations - maca and I have had this discussion elsewhere.

One thing BU - I take it you're aware Green isn't actually banned - as the BBC reports that anyone wearing football shirts will be provided with a green t-shirt to wear instead.

It's the green shamrock, which for some reason, has been banned.

Oh and the green flag with the harp is the flag of the President of Ireland AFAIK, much like the Queen's Royal Standard.

At 4:31 p.m., Anonymous maca said...

"I agree with banning national flags from the public celebrations "

So the England flag should be banned on St.Georges Day?

"he green flag with the harp is the flag of the President of Ireland AFAIK"

Way off Beano. The Presidents Flag is BLUE with a gold harp.

At 7:54 p.m., Anonymous Southerner said...

It should be remembered that the meaning of the Green White and Orange is peace between the 2 traditions so Unionists should not be offended by it. I think it's a gr8 flag :)


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