Saturday, March 18, 2006

The day after

"Hey Gerry, trouble sittin' still, boy?", George W. seems to be saying at yesterday's St. Paddy's bash in Washington. Personally, I don't know what 'secondary security screening' at US airports involves, but I think I'll just opt for the primary version if given the option. Trouble is, you don't get given the option, and if you're on the US 'terrorist watchlist' you have to be prepared for a bit more than a few leg pats and a polite request to take your laptop out.

Anyway, back in the real world the Big Ulsterwoman and I went out for a good evening last night, downing - ooh - three pints of Guinness (a major feat when you reach a certain age, believe me). The atmosphere was great, and the music even better. I even had a few tears in my eyes when "The town I love so well" came on the PA, even though I'm not from Derry and, if I was, wouldn't be from that side of town. Ah, but sure it's what being Irish is all about. Forget your troubles, forget political differences, concentrate on the essentials. Goodwill to all, etc.

To all my readers - a happy 'day after'.


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